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Nightmare at the new Vancouver building, 6301 Cambie street.

May 11th, 2014 by


Well this is the new NORMAL in Vancouver. Glossy presentation centres with “friendly” sales people eventually do end up looking more like newly built condos. Afterall they did sell you the dream of owning your piece of Real Estate right here in Vancouver, it really doesn’t matter what they are asking and what you will end up paying, right? Price is irrelevant. I mean there is a line up of people behind you. Those people don’t really care about record low interest rates offered by Bank of Montreal, like you do.  They have the capital! Get in line or miss out.

You can buy piece of the dream ( 6301 Cambie) today.

But what if I told you, a little inside information. A little bird told me…

The building of 6301 Cambie was plagued from the very beginning. As soon as the proverbial shovel hit the ground, the underground river was found. The solution, a motor pumping the stream of water out and diverting it elsewhere. Same bird told me that if for any reason during the construction process the pumping engine stopped working the future garage of the super car collection was knee high in water. Luckily this isn’t Richmond and one can still get water damage insurance.

And finally 6 months overdue and 2 million over the budget, the building managers invited new residents to come in. The new place not only smelled brand new it was suppose to be “move in” ready by the end of June.

Here is a the problem, the place FLOODED Fifth floor down, last week, May 6th. Everything, all of it. Completely soaked! The new kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring and most importantly the walls. Everything had to be gutted out. The walls were stripped bare. Back to the concrete casing, everything had to be rebuilt. All new apartments in 6301 Cambie are now not new, but merely, renovated.

A completely different question today is what will happen to the quality of materials and craftsmanship on the new, sorry renovated, 6301 Cambie street building.

The builders today are under a lot of pressure to deliver on time and within the budget. Buyers are under pressure to buy, well give business to the banks. Borrow but make sure you’re buying brand new, not recently renovated.