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Buying a Property

Buying a property is the biggest transaction a person makes in their lifetime. The decision should always be based on thorough research, comparative market analysis, and a professional property inspection. It is very important to have a knowledgeable Real Estate agent by your side while looking for your new home in order to make the best decision that fits your budget.
Owning a home and building equity is the best way to save your money and plan for the future. Please contact me for more information about the home ownership and its benefits.

Selecting a REALTOR®

1. Make sure that the agent you select is working for you. Not all agents are trained the same and not all brokerages operate the same. Be diligent in understanding the pros and cons of each company and each individual, pick someone you will work well with and who will represent you well in all transactions.

2. Don’t hire a relative or friend. A lot of people generally don’t know any REALTORS so for them choosing a cousin, friend or close relation is often the best and easiest choice. For others they choose them because it’s hard to say no or to haggle.

3. Don’t hire a yes person. Just because a REALTOR does not see eye to eye with your selling price, purchase price or terms of transaction does not mean they won’t work well for you. Often hiring someone that pushes your ideals and keeps you on track will benefit more in the long run.

4. Business ins’t everything. Just because a REALTOR has enormous business and a long track record does not mean everything. Make sure that you like the Agent in question and that you feel strongly to working closely with them. Remember that you will be either buying or selling your family home and want it to go smoothly.

5. Marketing isn’t everything. Don’t get sucked in by how amazing or how much print or web marketing a REALTOR does. Generally speaking print advertising is for the Seller’s benefit alone. It does not have a good return on investment and is usually not responsible for finding the correct Buyer. Most Buyers are being shown new listings and spend their time browsing online.

6. It is all about trust. Can you trust the Agent you choose to sell your family home? I work with clients that trust me to sell their family home. This is going to be an emotional time for you and I understand how you feel. I will do my absolute best to make the process as smooth and painless as possible to get you onto the next stage in your life.